Glitch Gif

I have been experimenting with creating glitch images from sketches and pieces I have made from looking at high rises. I feel like there is pattern within most things we come across, in society and nature, which flows through to the design and architecture we experience in all of our lives, including the estates I have been photographing, sketching and generally just looking at.  There is a visual rhythm to the world I believe. From this have started to make patterns using my glitch images, and with that I have put together this gif which both breaks and conforms with pattern.



Pattern making with glitches

Today I have been pattern making with the glitch images I have created. I have also sent of for an A0 print of one of my images. It should arrive within the next couple of days and I am hoping to use it as my digital final piece. I have also been experimenting with print sizes but cutting paper down to a certain size and letting the printer know the size of the paper, it would be away from the normal A4 A3 A2 ect…